How To Delete Seeking Arrangement Toronto Account

All that has beginning will always have an end. Seeking arrangement Toronto is a sugar daddy dating site that is based in Canada.Its objective is companionship.It seeks to bring together people looking for sugar daddies or sugar babies online in Toronto.If you are looking for sugar baby or possibly a sugar daddy,Seek arrangement will help you achieve this goal.However,what if you have been a member and you want to keep your account at bay?I am taking about deleting your account.What can you do?Well,it is pretty simple and super easy.Let us jump right into the series of steps you need to follow in order to terminate your Seek Arrangement account.

If you are using their website,login into your account.Select the username at the top right corner.On the drop-down menu select settings,scroll down the page and at the bottom hit "Deactivate or Delete account" link.Finally,you can wind up by selecting the option that you prefer.

Alternatively,you can as well delete your account using their mobile app.First login into your account,click the drop-down menu situated at the top left corner and select settings.Scroll down the settings page and there at the bottom hit "Deactivate account " option.Choose the reason as to why you want to delete your account and finalize the process by clicking "Deactivate now" option.

Something you need to note is that once you have deleted your account as a premium member ,no refund will be made.Deleting your account will also lead to permanent removal of your profile from the system hence you cannot be viewed by other users.Can they retain your information?Yes they will retain some of your information.Basically for purposes of analytics ,record keeping,collecting the fees owed and imposing their terms and conditions including taking lawful actions that will definitely protect their services and users.Furthermore,you cannot be able to log in again once you have deactivated your account, unless you register as a new member.

To sum it up, Many sugar daddies and sugar babies have come to join this dating site. But, if you are fed up or for whatever reason you want to delete your account,be it you do not want to be a sugar baby or a sugar daddy any longer, you can always do that by following the simple procedure mentioned above.That is simply applicable if you do not mind losing the pleasure of having a sugar daddy or a sugar baby in Toronto,Canada and as well the implications that follow once you have deleted your account.